Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Blog Purpose

I haven't blogged here in a long time, I kind of lost interest in posting about myself. But I decided I wanted to start blogging again so I have a place to post the things I am interested in and inspire me these days that most of my social media friends have no interest in.

This blog will focus mainly on three things: Food, Fitness, Cool Stuff

FOOD! (ummm...yummy!)

Since losing weight and pursuing a healthier lifestyle I have gradually woken up to more and more things that have been damaging to my health. I certainly don't eat well 100% of the time, but I'm trying! There is so much information out there that has been proven to be false regarding eating healthy and I am very passionate about the total crap in processed foods - dangerous ingredients, unnatural processes and allergens. This blog will be a place where I can post information that I have found to be informative and interesting.

I have been looking for "treats" recipes that do not use refined sugar. I have tried many. Many are YUMMY! Many are SOOOO nasty. Here I can post recipes and how MY version turned out. I won't be posting recipes I have not tried myself and I will always give credit to the recipe writer.

FITNESS! (ouch...ew....BEAST MODE!)

I absolutely love working out. Crazy, huh? It took a while but eventually I have gotten to the point where working out is something I crave. I love tough workouts that give me a challenge and make me stronger. I also LOVE variety. I started with running and worked up to running a full marathon. My intestines don't like distance running. I got tired of running to the bathroom or holding my guts in for MILES. So I hung up my running shoes and started having fun at the gym - trying all the classes, changing up my strength training routines and just doing things that looked and sounded fun. Here I will post fun workout tips and articles as well as info my trainers at my gym, Xperience Fitness, have given me that has worked for me.


I love finding cool stuff online or through word of mouth and actually trying it. Sometimes I get burned. Badly. Sometimes I discover absolute gems that I want everyone to know about. Here I will be able to post those finds.

DISCLAIMER: My blog will be RIFE with MY OPINIONS. I'm not an expert in anything at all. Just trying things out and reporting back!
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