Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's a Megaroon?

My trainer was reviewing my food diary to shame me try to help me fine tune my diet. He saw my snacks and said (with a rather disdainful look on his face) "what's a MEGAROON?" I tried to explain them. I tried to convince him they were healthy and yummy and good fuel and he just kept looking at me like I was trying to convince him that having an extra elbow on your face was the THING TO DO. So I brought him one this morning and made him eat it. I think he gets it now.

I can't really afford to give everyone I know a taste of these awesome, delicious little blobs of happy, I will instead BLOG about them, aren't you excited? I am.

I don't eat refined sugar in as much stuff as possible and certainly not in desserts or snacks. Since January. That's like 6 months. I'm amazing.
I try to eat honey, coconut nectar, or pure maple syrup to sweeten anything that is purposefully sweet. That doesn't leave many options when you want a treat. It also doesn't leave much to choose from for pre-workout fuel when you just want some carbs and you're tired, so so so tired of sweet potatoes, dried fruit and Larabars. Although I do love my Larabars...yum.

Enter RICKAROONS!! Thank you, dear, sweet, Baby Jesus, for inventing Rickaroons. They're amazeballs. Moist, sweet, delicious and flavorful. They work well for coping when your co-workers are having cake in the afternoon for someone's birthday for the 3rd time in a month and you just want to have SOMETHING in your hand to oooohhh and ahhhh about, even if it's just in your own head.

What is a Rickaroon? This dude named Rick (crazy coincidental name, eh?) was given the recipe straight from Jesus. They are made from coconut, coconut oil, coconut nectar, almond butter, vanilla and cacoa and then there are 4 flavors with other variations. Guess what? They're soy-free, gluten-free, dairy free, refined-sugar free and 100% organic. Oh ya and they don't taste like sawdust or absorb all the liquid from your mouth like many healthy snacks of this type do. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? I dunno. I don't care. They're magic as far as I'm concerned. Magic Rick. Magic Rick and Jesus.

I ordered their variety pack and tried all four flavors - Chocolate Blonde, Spicy Brunette, Mocha and Megaroon. My favorite is the Megaroon, which is what I have been indulging in every day since my latest box arrived in the mail. The Megaroon has chia seeds added for an extra punch of nutrients. I also like the little crunch they provide, not to mention chia expands when it gets in your tummy which keeps you fuller longer. They are so great for dessert but they are ultimately the best pre-workout fuel EVER. Check them out. Read about how Rick REALLY came up with these yummy blobs of fabulous and order some up. They sell them in stores but not in Minnesota so I order them online. They have free shipping for orders of $50 or more. They're $25 for a box of 12. You may think, OMG, that's like....*doing quick math in your head* $2.08 each! Let's compare though. The gourmet cupcakes my co-workers had today for a birthday celebration were $3.00 each. And they were pretty, yes. Tasty, it seemed to be so. Healthy, Oh, but they DID come with a free afternoon sugar-crash so.....

**Rickaroons didn't pay me for this blog. Although I would accept payment in the form of Megaroons. Just in case Rick is reading this.

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